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At So Souk we are committed to sustainable production techniques and always strive to do better. We are proud to work with a number of small scale, family run factories (some of whom we have been working with since we started in 2017). Each of our products is made in small batches allowing us to create higher quality products and less waste. We love to use all our offcuts of fabrics to make little accessories and our patchwork bags were developed in an effort to use these leftover fabrics sustainably.

We are very lucky that we are able to visit our factories each year in Jaipur (and some occasional visits to Morocco and Italy too) and make sure our ethical standards are met. We meet all our printers, stitchers and weavers in person when we are able and this helps us to ensure our products are always made with these standards in mind. We aim for as much transparency in the supply chain as we can and each of our products has details of where it was made.  It is really important to us that we support these traditional industries, ensure good working conditions for the artisans we work with and we are proud to now call some of them our friends. You can see more of our artisans at work here and follow our journeys on instagram.

This year we have also made the decision to reduce our use of plastics to an absolute minimum. Our products are now delivered from abroad in one larger plastic covering (rather than individually plastic wrapped) and we are moving all our packaging, including envelopes, boxes, postcards and tape to 100% recycled where possible over the next few months. We tissue wrap each of the smaller items we send to you and use recycled hive wrap rather than bubble wrap to pack our ceramics.