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At So Souk we are committed to using traditional manufacturing techniques that focus on slow and sustainable production to bring a wonderful range of globally inspired homeware to you. This means slower production times, smaller batches and less waste.

By embracing this rich heritage of craftsmanship including hand block printing, enamel painting, glass blowing and handmade ceramics, we bring the essence of beauty and tradition to each of our pieces.  Every item is meticulously designed here in the UK to harmonise with the elegance of country interiors and carefully developed and manufactured by our artisan partners.  From scribbles on a page, we carefully work with craftspeople through the design process and sampling to bring you the finished pieces. Sometimes this can take many months and means we can be out of stock of items at times, patiently waiting for the next batch to arrive.  But we know that this way of working ensures that we support age old manufacturing techniques and can bring you unique and timeless products with tradition at the heart.